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Justin Berry

Broker / Team Leader / Appraiser

With 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Justin has sold over $100 million in property. His extensive background in appraisals gives him special insight into market trends and allows him to give insightful advice to his clients. As a worldwide real estate coach working with Jared James and top performing agents, Justin is at the forefront of the ever-changing market dynamics. Whether buying or selling, he ensures his clients make informed decisions that are tailored to their needs and goals.


Tara Berry

Team Manager / Real Estate Agent

Tara Berry is a RE/MAX award-winning producer who has been at the top of her game for seven years running. Not only does she have a passion for real estate, but she also loves being a mom to three kids and enjoys jig-saw puzzles and cooking. With her in-depth knowledge in construction management, Tara not only manages projects for clients but also trains and mentors team agents. Her dedication towards real estate combined with her love for problem solving makes Tara an ideal agent to work with when looking for reliable advice and guidance.


Nickie Woods

Real Estate Agent

Nickie Woods is a dedicated real estate professional specializing in small acreage, new construction, and executive level homes. When she isn’t helping clients find their dream home she enjoys staying social with friends and traveling around the world. Nickie has been married for many years and has two children. Her enthusiasm for life helps her stay motivated to provide excellent customer service and guide her clients through the real estate process. With her strong understanding of the industry, interested parties can be sure that they are receiving honest and accurate advice when working with Nickie.


Tiffany Sykes

Real Estate Agent / Real Estate Photographer

Tiffany Sykes is a real estate specialist with expertise in all Kansas City markets.  She began her career in real estate as a real estate marketer. Tiffany has specific expertise in Kansas City’s historic commuinties.  Tiffany is known for having an extremely kind heart and volunteering within the community. Her love for animals (especially furry ones) knows no bounds! With her extensive experience in the real estate world and her huge heart, she succeeds in helping each client find their perfect home.


Amie Cummings

Real Estate Agent / Marketing

Amie Cummings is an experienced real estate professional with an extensive background in promotional product sales. She is not afraid to tackle difficult tasks – be it knocking on doors to find homes for her clients or making the tough calls that come with the business. On top of being a wife and mother to multiple children, Amie also loves her dog “Smokes” and has a passion for mid century modern design, often DIYing projects that bring these old relics back to life. Amie takes a bold approach to real estate, and her experience gives her the confidence and strength necessary for success.


Connor Comple

Real Estate Agent

Connor is a real estate professional who has lived in the Northland his entire life. He specializes in first time homebuyers and prides himself on having a self diagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder which means he pays attention to even the smallest details. His experience, knowledge of the local market, and eye for detail make him a valuable asset to any buyer looking to purchase their dream home in the Northland.


Tommy Nistendirk

Real Estate Agent

A sales and marketing expert, Tommy has built a name for himself in commercial sales since 2009, becoming co-owner and VP of sales with KC Valumail Magazine. If you’ve checked your mailbox, you’ve seen Tommy’s work.